I do not know if most are aware that I have recently published a novel, and by recently published, I did so on January 13, 2014.

Since I have yet to truly do so, perhaps I shall introduce myself this way; I am about as enigmatic as they come. I have been writing since the age of four, and finished my first novel at 18. I write in the genre of Urban fantasy and my love for the supernatural is very prevalent. I categorize myself as a YA author, although it is probably agreeable that I am more fittingly crossover between YA and Adult. I have many stories to tell and plenty of characters biting at my heels to share their tales.

If you would be so inclined, please check out my novel on amazon. It’s what I consider a Doctor Who as it is small on the outside, yet huge on the inside. At just over 163K words, to fit it into roughly 440 pages is quite an impressive feat that I hope will intrigue all who deign to read. I was told it has the makings of a classic, so join me and let’s see to it that such a possibility can happen.

The novel is called Behind Locked Doors, and it is the first volume in my series, Devils Grace. It tells the story of a seventeen year old girl named Tempest Laurier. Now you see, Tempest is witty and enjoys testing boundaries, to a certain extent. 

Book jacket summary:

With the memory of a hallway taken by fire and a closed door at its end, seventeen year old Tempest Laurier unwittingly discovers that danger reaches close to home when she decides to search for her birth father, bringing more than demons out of the shadows. Finding herself caught in the middle of a conflict among two worlds of the Species, the faeries and demons, this sets her on a crumbling road of physical and psychological pain, along with loses as relationships are tried and truths are discovered. And the one thing Tempest never saw coming is an ugly secret straight into the heart of what should be her normal human life.

Behind Locked Doors is available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle, and soon to be other distributions. Order your copy today! I promise not to disappoint. 


Also check out my new website. Excuse appearances as it is still under construction and is receiving much needed remodeling, however i’s up and running, nonetheless.


All The Best,

C.A. Wittchen